As the snow blankets the majestic mountainsides, avid snowboarders eagerly anticipate hitting the slopes, not just for the thrill of the ride but also for the possibility of turning their passion into a profession. For those considering a career as a snowboard instructor, many options are available to kickstart this exciting journey.

Why Choose Snowboarding?

The allure of snowboarding isn’t just about carving through fresh powder—it’s a lifestyle embraced by individuals seeking adrenaline-fueled adventures and a deep connection with nature. Choosing to become a snowboard instructor offers the opportunity to turn that passion into a rewarding career while sharing the joy of riding with others.

Exploring Your Options:

Just like with skiing, Canada stands out as a prime destination for snowboard enthusiasts. With its world-class resorts and picturesque landscapes, it offers an ideal setting for aspiring instructors to hone their skills and obtain certification.

The Winter Sports Company offers a diverse range of snowboard instructor courses tailored to individual needs and goals.

8 Week Fast Track Level 1 & 2 Snowboard Instructor Course, Panorama, Canada:
Experience the fast track to obtaining your Level 1 and 2 CASI instructor qualifications with our intensive 8-week ski instructor course. Throughout the course, you’ll benefit from over 110 hours of focused Winter Sports coaching, just 6 days shy of our 11-week program. All CASI modules and exams for both Levels 1 and 2 are included, eliminating any additional expenses. Additional days are allocated for shadow teaching with the ski school, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the Level 2 exams.

11 Week Snowboard Instructor Course, Sun Peaks, Canada:
Embark on a journey towards obtaining CASI levels 1 & 2 in a single season with our comprehensive 11-week snowboard instructor course, delivering exceptional value and unrivalled experiences. Our flexible schedule allows for the inclusion of additional ‘bolt-on’ courses, such as Avalanche Skills Training (AST), Adaptive Sports certification (CADS), and CASI Park Instructor level 1, enhancing your qualifications and broadening your expertise.

18 Week Level 1, 2 & 3 Snowboard Instructor Course, Sun Peaks, Canada:
Join us for an immersive 18-week snowboard instructor course, an opportunity for those seeking an extended season on the slopes. Kick off your journey in early December at Sun Peaks Resort, Canada, and advance from CASI Level 1 & 2 to training for CASI Level 3—all within a single season. Take advantage of the option to complete the Level 3 exam, maximising your qualifications as a snowboard instructor.

What Do You Gain from a Snowboard Instructor Course?

Enrolling in a snowboard instructor course goes beyond just acquiring a certification—it gives you the experience and skills to teach and generate an income. Being a certified Snowboard instructor can be additional flexible work or turned into a career.

Throughout the course, candidates receive hands-on training and feedback from experienced level 3 & 4 instructors. There are also opportunities to practise teaching in simulated scenarios.

The certification process, accredited by organisations like CASI, provides validation of your expertise and opens doors to employment opportunities at resorts and snowboarding schools worldwide. Beyond the professional benefits, the resorts offer a great sense of community and a chance to socialise and befriend like-minded passionate snowboarders.

Is It Worth It?

For many, pursuing a snowboard instructor certification is more than just a career choice—it’s a passion and a chance to work in an industry doing something they love. The skills and experiences gained through instructor training are invaluable, offering not only a pathway to employment but also a gateway to adventure – being able to travel and work.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider looking to take your skills to the next level or a passionate beginner eager to share your love of snowboarding with others, The Winter Sports Company have courses suitable for all levels and abilities.

FAQ section

How do I become a snowboard instructor in Canada?

To become a snowboard instructor in Canada you must successfully pass the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI) Level 1 instructor course as a minimum requirement. This can take between 3-5 weeks under normal circumstances. To increase your employability and work internationally, you need to obtain your CASI Level 2 after 5-6 weeks of further training. This governing bodies’ qualifications and prior training programmes are available through the Winter Sports Company. Getting a snowboard instructor job in a resort will be achievable with these certifications, guidance and connections through the Winter Sports Company.

How much do snowboard instructors make in Canada?

A typical salary ranges from $17-19 as a Level 1 snowboard Instructor to $19-22 as a Level 2. A level 3 instructor can start to make a good living with more hours and a higher wage of $23-28, depending on the resort. Private lessons and tips will help increase your take-home pay. When you reach fully certified Level 4 standard, you can maximise your earning potential and hours and become a sought-after commodity. This level will significantly increase your employability and offer many other gateways to earn a considerably well-paid salary within the snowboard instructor industry.

What is a Level 2 snowboard instructor?

A level 2 snowboard instructor has already passed his Level 1 and level 2 riding and teaching evaluations. Allowing the instructor the teach internationally to a more advanced level. They are confident on all terrain and combine their technical skills, practical teaching methods and understanding of snowboarding to intermediate snowboarders, They must be fluent in English, demonstrate controlled carves on advanced slopes and ride on ungroomed terrain.