What Is A Career Break?

Have you ever thought about ditching your old life and starting fresh? That’s kind of what a career break is like, except you don’t have to throw your whole life away. A career break is an opportunity to step back from your everyday routine and try something different. It could be a month-long or perhaps even a year. The idea is to have some time to yourself so that when you return to ‘normal life’, you’re enriched with new experiences and a more positive outlook. It may allow you to reassess your direction and try your hand at a new career, or it may just be a chance for you to go and try something you’ve always wanted to do. A ski instructor course, for example.

Why Take A Career Break?

One of the best things about leaving your everyday life behind and taking a career break in the mountains is the opportunity to meet amazing new people. There are many people just like you out there already. Spending a season in the mountains immerses you in its culture. Surrounded by like-minded individuals, all passionate about the outdoors, you’ll meet new friends and faces that enrich the whole experience. Everyone out there wants you to have a great time.


Get Away From The Noise

Depending on where you live, you might feel like you’re permanently trapped in a noisy room with no mute button. City life is exciting and fun but also incredibly hectic and stressful. Step back and move to the mountains, and you’ll come to embrace the quiet—the muffled sounds of skiing on a powder day. Connect with nature and enjoy the wide open spaces the mountains offer. Sure, you can always take a trip into the city to get your fix, but retreat to the mountains to avoid the crowds. Enjoy the quiet! Check out our Ski Safari for the adventure of a lifetime.

Travel The World

Taking a career break doesn’t mean you have to spend it in one place. There are incredible destinations all over the world. We have courses in Canada, Europe and New Zealand. You can visit all the places you’ve had on your bucket list for so long. If you want to work, doing a ski season is a great way to travel the world by chasing winter to both hemispheres.


Learn A New Skill

You’ll finally have the one thing you never seemed to have enough of…time. Use this time to learn a new skill or spend time on that hobby you could never fit around your busy schedule. It could be a new challenge abroad that broadens your horizons. Travelling to another country might allow you to learn a new language and experience a new culture. If you’ve always been passionate about skiing or snowboarding, why not come with us one of our fast-track programs? Available for both ski and snowboard. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do; it all counts as experience and will set you up for future success.

Take Care Of Your Health

Daily life can be a cacophony of stress, long commutes, unhealthy eating, lack of sleep and all the other stuff you dare to mention, leaving little time for yourself. It’s easy for our mental and physical health to suffer. By taking a career break, you can focus on yourself for once. Spend more time outdoors, do something you love, remove all the stress from your life and surround yourself with happy, positive people. Where better than the mountains? You may just need a new environment.


Reassess Your Direction

Perhaps you’re unsure if your current direction in life is right for you. Maybe you’re in a job you don’t love or long to do something different. When you take a break and step back, you can reevaluate your life and question what you want from life. It’s easy to put the blinkers on and let years go by without asking yourself if what you’re doing is what you want. A career break affords you that time, allowing you to ask those questions and perhaps try your hand at something that could become your new career.

Ski Instructor Courses For Your Career Break

Work, sleep, repeat. Sometimes, it can feel like that. When you live and work in the mountains, you work to play, or depending on your job, play is your work. Spending a career break in the mountains allows you to do what you love to do for fun, all the time. Take a day off work to go skiing, or find a job that allows you to ski for work. Take a look at some of our most popular Instructor and Ski Patrol courses

3-4 Week Revelstoke Off-Piste & Backcountry Course

8 Week Fast Track Level 1 & 2 Snowboard Instructor Course

3-5 Week CSIA Level 1 Ski Instructor Course

5 Week Advanced Level 3 Ski Instructor Course

10 Week NZSIA Level 1 & 2 Ski Instructor Course

What To Do During A Career Break

Are you stuck for ideas on what to do during your career break? Take a look at our list for some inspiration:

  • Go Travelling – We all have a bucket list of countries we’d love to visit. Take some time out and tick some of those places off your list.
  • Volunteer In Another Country – Hundreds of amazing initiatives and programs are always looking for more volunteers. Why not volunteer in another country? An excellent opportunity to do something you’re passionate about.
  • Go Back To School – It could be time to return to the classroom. Maybe you’d like to study a favourite subject or learn a new language. You can even study online now, giving you the freedom to move around at the same time.
  • Build A Business – Do you have a business idea but never the time to get it off the ground? Take a career break and use the time to start your own business. This doesn’t have to be the next Amazon; it could be something small that’s personal to you, perhaps something you’re passionate about.
  • Try A New Job or Career – If you’re unsure if what you’re currently doing is right for you, consider trying a new job or career for a short time. Who knows, you might decide you need a change and end up sticking with it.
  • Just Relax -Perhaps not the most exciting; however, it could be just what you need. Relax and have some time to yourself. Walk the dog, visit friends and family, play your favourite sport, etc. A career break doesn’t just mean solo sailing around the world.

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Is It Worth Doing A Ski Instructor Course?

Do not expect to make lots of money; the riches are achieved through the relationships you make, the skills you obtain through consistent training and the confidence you gain from teaching your profession to those in need. Working outdoors amongst your peers in often breathtaking scenery is an incredible experience and should be experienced once in your lifetime.

Can Anyone Be A Ski Instructor?

If above 15, given the right attitude and ability, anyone can be a ski instructor. Training through a provider like the Winter Sports Company can ensure a speedy journey to becoming a ski instructor. Embarking on an intense training programme is a surefire way of learning the correct methods and, more importantly, understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses so that the student can improve through learning, practising and teaching the techniques and skills associated with a ski instructor.

What Is A Ski Season CV?

A ski Season CV is specifically tailored to successfully finding a job within the ski industry. It needs to detail your previous snow experience, your existing qualifications, your previous work placements. This can be tweaked to provide information to future employers for roles both on or off the slopes including chalet host, ski instructor, hospitality, or lift operations to name a few. Some countries call it a resume, some a C.V so research the general format that employers are used to seeing and align your attributes to the role in question.

How Quickly Can You Become A Ski Instructor?

If you are a capable skier, simply attending a three- or 5-day course and examination will entitle you to become a level 1 ski instructor upon successful completion. If you still need to gain sufficient skills, then a standard timeframe to train to this level can be around 3-4 weeks for Level 1 and another 5-7 weeks for Level 2. The Level 2 exams are completed within six days after the preparation and training.