Every year, we get people calling us just after results day. Some students have had a change of heart and are looking for a gap year, and others are re-evaluating. Whatever your results day experience, if you’re asking, ‘is university right for me?’ it’s a positive thing to be considering your options. Taking a year out can give you that space to breathe and time away from studying before committing to a 3-year University course. We’re not going to lie, University is awesome but there’s no reason why you can’t do it all. Here we list a few benefits of choosing a new path or taking a break as a snowboard or ski instructor.

Time to Figure Things Out

Choosing to take a year out is a big decision but committing to a 3 year university course is an even bigger. Taking a ‘gap’ year gives you that extra time to work out what you want to do without being under pressure. You may come back, re-invigerated and ready to study, or it could push you towards a different course. You’ll return from a ski or snowboard instructor course abroad far more independent than when you left, and starting University will seam a breeze compared to starting straight after A-levels.

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International Qualification

As a snowboard or ski instructor, the world is your oyster – once qualified, you can work in ski resorts all over the globe teaching the sport you love! It also looks great on your cv for future employment or applying for University the following year.

We work with organisations recognised by the International Ski Instructors Association. By taking a ski instructor course or snowboard instructor course, you will join elite organisations such as CSIA, BASI, CASI, NZSIA and SBINZ.

You’ll Get a Shed-Load of Work Experience.

University courses are study-based, where as you’ll be partnered with a working snow school on a ski instructor course. You’ll receive tuition each week and shadow lessons, working one-to-one with professional ski instructors and see the inner workings of the ski school. Not only will you come away with an internationally recognised qualification, you’ll have tons of valuable work experience to go along with it.

Winter Sports Company’s Internships are jam-packed with work experience. Students get up to 14 weeks+ of work experience as a level 1 instructor, and after completing your course, we do everything we can to put you ahead of the field when applying for jobs.


Uni tuition fees in 2022 are £9250 per year, plus the extra loans to cover the cost of living. So by the time graduation rolls around, the average student is shouldering up to £40,000 worth of debt. A ski instructor course will cost between £5650 – £13545 for an entire season and includes most expenses such as travel, food, accommodation and tuition (that’s less than one year of tuition fees). Once qualified, you can start earning straight away as an instructor. There is also an opportunity to get paid work as a level 1 instructor during the work experience on a ski internship or snowboard internship.

Best Job in the World

Being an instructor is the greatest job there is (although we might be biased). You get to see the most incredible views, ride fresh powder and make awesome international friends – and get paid to do it! Snow-chasers can spend an everlasting winter between the northern and southern hemispheres or work season to season to enjoy the best of winter and summer. Becoming a snowboard or ski instructor makes sure you aren’t stuck in a 9 to 5. This doesn’t have to be your final career choice but all the skills you learn can be applied back home and will always look good on your CV.  When the mountains are your office, the world is yours for the taking.

Contact us for more information on internships, courses and more. Participating in an internship or courses will be the best decision you make.



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