How young do you have to be to enrol on a ski instructor course?

Our first group of ski instructor trainees leave for Canada on 29th November. They are looking forward to enjoying 18 weeks in the beautiful resort of Sun Peaks.

This year the youngest client booked on our 18 week ski instructor course is 18 years old – the oldest a mere 71 years of age. “The Prof”, as we like to call him.

The Prof has the full consent of the management (his wife) to take part on a ski instructor course and hopes to complete as much of the training as he possibly can. With two replacement knees this will certainly be a challenge. However, the Prof can expect great support from his fellow trainees as well as the staff at Sun Peaks Resort snow school.

Watch this space as we report on the progress of the Prof. He may just prove that it is never too late to fulfill your ambitions. At 18 with everything ahead of you it seems so simple to enrol on a ski instructor course. When you are 71 your challenge begins before you book. Finding an insurer was not an easy task for the Prof, but once he found a company to support his quest there was no holding him back.

Training alongside the Prof on our 18 week ski instructor course we have a recently retired couple who want to become ski instructors so they can teach their grandchildren. The University of the Third Age is alive and well at The Winter Sports Company, and we wish them all well as they set out for an adventure of a lifetime.







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