Ski Season Canada Guide: 5 Things you need to know about a ski season in Canada

  1. Timing is Everything: When is the Ski Season in Canada?
  2. Choose your Adventure: Where to Ski in Canada? 
  3. How to Find Work for a Ski Season in Canada
  4. Essential Tips for Your Ski Season in Canada
  5. Become a Ski Instructor With Winter Sports Company


Hands down Canada’s reputation as a winter wonderland is well-known globally. It’s a place where the snow is crisp, the views are unreal, and the skiing is spectacular! So read on for your guide to a thrilling ski season in Canada whether you are planning on working a ski season or simply taking a ski career break.


Timing is Everything: When is the Ski Season in Canada?

The ski season in Canada generally begins in the crisp month of mid-November and lasts until mid-April. However, the dates might shift slightly depending on where you are based in the country.

The western resorts, such as the famed Whistler, are the early birds of the ski season, but each year they start early to appease the punters, yet the Pacific coast climate can be cruel in the lead-up to the resort opening and bring warm, wet conditions. Those western resorts start from mid to late November. Everyone follows suit when they can. On the other hand, Eastern or southern ski resorts like Tremblant & Whitewater respectively,  kick things off a bit later, opening their arms to skiers in early to mid December. All these opening times vary depending on the El Nino and La Nina weather patterns.

With the northern resorts like Marmot Basin in Jasper opening in early to mid-November. The southern resorts can take another week or two before they are confident to follow suit. But when the snow starts falling….you’d better be ready.

The ultimate highpoint of the ski season in Canada, where the snow is rich and the energy is infectious, is from December through to mid March. Jobs may also be available during shoulder season in late fall and spring. If you are not using a provider and “winging” it, then it is best to get there early if you haven’t had any luck applying online. We have a 53 page guide on Internships but plan for a commitment of 3-6 months; the busy periods are Christmas to New Year, mid to late February and late March. Expect some quiet periods in between these popular holiday times.

A an early morning bluebird day looking over the Rockies from Panorama Mountain resort… and yes it is that stunning.

snowy mountains in British Colombia seen from Panorama Mountain resort

Choose Your Adventure: Where to Ski in Canada? 

Ready for a highlight of Canada’s most fantastic ski destinations? The resorts below are rated as some of the best ski resorts in Canada.

  1. Sun Peaks, British Columbia: Offering three mountains surrounding the ski resort and ranked the second-largest with its skiable terrain, it’s a pure charm for skiing enthusiasts and doesn’t suffer the same horrendous lift queue lines as Whistler.
  2. Whistler, Blackcomb, British Columbia: The biggest Canadian resorts. It is known for its lively, pricey base village and many job opportunities.
  3. Panorama Mountain Resort, British Columbia: Famous for its daunting verticals, this resort is nestled deep within the Purcell Mountains,  ideal for your adrenaline-fueled adventure and those in need of speed!
  4. Revelstoke: Where the cool kids hang out! Adrenaline Junkies, Backcountry enthusiasts, this is where you can take your skiing to the next level.  Renowned for big powder days and an eclectic cosmopolitan town.
  5. Banff, Alberta: Offering a magnificent Rocky Mountain setting near many resorts. Great for those wanting to party with the younger crowds.

Finding Work at a Canadian Ski Resort

If you want to immerse yourself in the snowy paradise truly, finding a job at a ski resort could be the perfect solution. Many resorts in Canada frequently hire seasonal staff, ranging from lift operators to hospitality professionals.

To get started, check out the job pages on the individual resort websites, or you can also check out the Ski Jobs Board.

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People Also Ask
What is the best ski month in Canada?

Since the winters are getting later and later, we think Feb is the best combination of good conditions, a slightly warmer climate and more frequent bluebird days.

Is Canada cheap for skiing?

As a general rule of thumb, if you are flying from the UK, Canada becomes cheaper beyond the 4-week mark compared to closer European venues.


What is Canada’s largest ski resort?

The largest is Whistler/Blackcomb. Followed by Sun Peaks.

Where is the main ski place in Canada?

British Colombia is famous for the powder highway and is the most popular place to find work.

Five Essential Tips for Your Ski Season in Canada

Regardless of whether you are  going for a ski or snowboard instructor position, or taking some time away from work. A truly memorable ski season requires more than mere enthusiasm. Below are some tips to assist you in your preparations:

  • Be flexible: Try not to have your heart set on a particular type of ski resort job. If you’re not having much luck finding work in your ideal job area, try your hand at something new!
  • Keep an eye on the weather: Canadian weather is infamously volatile. Regular weather forecast checks can help you stay proactive and prepared for those infamous cold blasts of -30 and beyond. But look longer term too and find out what the jet stream is doing and like I said before, are you visiting during an El Nino year or a La Nina year. The latter can be better for bigger snowfall.
  • Pack smart: Pack essentials that equip you for harsh weather, but remember to travel light and practical. It’s not a fashion show out there. You need less than you think. Think practical, not catwalk. Its all about the layers. If you are wearing more than 5 layers you are doing some thing wrong.
  • Invest in quality gear: Your equipment is fundamental. Whether renting or buying, strive for the best you can afford. You will eat, sleep, ski, and dance in those ski boots of yours, so spend the money and get something comfy. Blisters are not much fun and will keep you off the slopes.
  • Stay safe: If you don’t already know, then learn the rules of the mountain. Respect your skill level, and don’t overreach. Always adhere to safety signs and instructions. Safety never takes a day off, as they say. Think about doing a Tree Wells or Avalanche Safety Course before venturing off-piste.

Planning and using resources wisely can turn your Canadian ski season into an unforgettable adventure.

Become a Ski Instructor

Ready to turn your passion into a rewarding career on the slopes? Apply for Ski and Snowboard Instructor Courses for your ski season in Canada. By training via Winter Sports Company, you’ll build professional connections and work at world-class resorts while doing what you love. Whats not to like?


See you on the slopes.


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