Why choose us for an adventure of a lifetime? I can’t think of a reason not to!

How does WSC provide support throughout the experience ?

Until you become familiar with our work ethic and track record with our previous clients, we will ensure that you are onboarded efficiently, thoroughly and looked after with personalised service throughout. You have just paid a lot of money; you deserve the attention. In our opinion, there are no substitutes for being able to chat with the company’s Directors when you need to. With us, you will get your questions or concerns dealt with quickly, fairly, and without fuss. The alternative is going with too big a company to speak with salespeople and 3rd party agents. So contact us, rather than simply having your request put into a long list and waiting till it’s your turn.
I know what we would prefer to choose if we were far from home. Ask yourself if your season doesn’t go to plan due to family, work, injury, or medical issues. Believe us when we say you’ll want us in your corner! Read more here on trustpilot about why you should choose us!

What we offer

At Winter Sports, we offer lots to make your season run smoothly and to help it be unforgettable.

Bolt-ons: We offer a range of Bolt-ons, from a thrill-seeking Paraglide over the resort to an introductory first aid course. Let us know what Bolt-ons you want to add to your season to make it your own unique experience. Looking at the bottom of the course pages will show you what Bolt-ons are available for that specific resort.

Ski Patrol: Say instructing isn’t for you, but you still want to learn something new and experience a ski season. Why not look into our Ski patrol courses? You will learn to rescue and administer first aid on the mountain, as well as avalanche control, rope rescue and lift evacuation. It’s full-on but extremely rewarding.

Resort reps: Sometimes overlooked but one of the most essential parts of your stay. Reps are knowledgeable and experienced skiers and boarders, often having completed their instructor tickets previously. They support you and make sure everything runs smoothly in the resort.

Regular team socials: Whether it is Pool comp night, Floodlit riding or Mexican Marheritta Night. There’s always something going on in or around the resort. Between these and the Bolt-Ons, you will have some experiences to remember with new lifelong friends for the rest of your life.

8-week fitness programme: This 8 week snow-ready fitness plan has been devised to train all the muscle groups needed for skiing and snowboarding: legs, abs and arms. It also works on aerobic and anaerobic fitness, agility, balance and flexibility, which are all equally important elements.

Trust pilot reviews

If you can’t trust our word, then read what our previous clients have to say.

“Would 1000% recommend the Winter Sports company!! The quality of the instructors, the atmosphere, the organisation of everything before and after the trip were all fantastic.” – Monika Kott

“The reason I chose WSC was simple. The way they responded my emails and requests!” – Jun Whan Cho

“This company offers you everything you could want from a ski season; incredible options, incredible people, and most importantly incredible skiing… and snowboarding!” – Samantha Galvin

“If you are looking to do any of your instructor qualifications & you can’t decide which provider to go with then look no further than Winter Sports, especially if you are after the CSIA and/or CASI.” – Jordi Mitchinson