Here are a few things that will help you get the most out of your fantastic ski instructing season with the Winter Sports Company

Pack your gear!

Get all your kit gathered. We have an excellent article on what gear would be best for your ski season.

See our guide on what to pack.

Skier in yellow jacket in powder

Feel the burn!

Remember, you will likely be on snow for over 100 days during your ski season. In addition, during training, you will likely be on snow every day for weeks.

So, get fit! Hit the gym, go on a run or even train on your local dry slope to get your ski legs back. Core and leg strength are critical factors in high-performance skiing – cycling is excellent for developing this.

Instructor stuck in deep powder

The nitty-gritty

This is all the valuable stuff to organise before you arrive at the resort you will be living at. Unfortunately, there aren’t usually mainstream shops in ski resorts.

You will need to gather items such as:

  • Bank Accounts – if you are working at a resort, your employer will likely ask you to open a bank account in the country you are working in. This will allow you to be paid in the currency of your country. If you are not working, I recommend getting an international bank account such as Revolut. This will avoid transaction fees when you pay with your British bank card.
  • Phone contract– for living in a ski resort for long periods, I recommend getting a cheap sim card for your phone. Make sure you have enough data and calls to cover you! This will help you avoid those pesky bills you will encounter when you use your British phone plan too much!
  • Health Insurance – to receive health care in other countries, you must take out health insurance. You can take out insurance online monthly or pay it in a lump but do some research first because you may already be covered. Some international bank accounts have health insurance included.

Skiers smiling on chairlift

Save some money!

Here are some ways to help you save money for your ski season

  •  Drop entertainment, restaurants and unnecessary shopping. We all must eat, right? But we don’t have to eat at a restaurant. So if you’re serious about gathering £1,000 quickly, consider putting a temporary stop to dining out, visiting the movie theatre, and grabbing Friday night drinks with friends. Trust me, this ski season will be worth saving the money for. 
  • Get working! Get a job, part or full time. Anything that brings in good money quickly. If you already have a job, ask your boss for permission to work overtime or offer your services! 
  • Have a clear out. Sell old clothes, game consoles and anything you don’t use anymore. This will make your parents happy and give you that extra cash boost you need. 
  • Get drastic. Sell your car. You won’t need it when you are abroad for an extended period of time.

All set?

Now you are ready to embark on your adventure of a lifetime. Find out more