Let’s break it down

We will compare the Winter Sports Company’s 10-week BASI Level 1&2 course in Verbier with booking the same thing out with the WSC.


First, you’ll need somewhere to stay! The average monthly rental price in Verbier is £3994 per month, with the cheapest I could find coming in at £809 per month.

We will take the cheapest option for comparison at £2022.50 for the season.


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30 hours per week of ski coaching

To privately book a ski coach in Verbier is not cheap. The average 6-hour private lesson in Verbier is £417. You would need 5 of these per week to cover the 30 hours of training covered by the WSC. If this is the direction you take, you would have to pay a staggering £20,850 for your season’s coaching.  


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BASI Level 1&2 courses

On top of the big chunk of money you have just paid your ski instructor for the ski season, you will also have to pay an additional £1,105 for your BASI Level 1&2 instructing courses.


Summary of courses 

Level 1:

  • a 4-day training and assessment course, with online learning prerequisites. 
  • The Ski Level 1 Instructor is an entry-level course for students who wish to join the BASI Education System. This qualification is ideal for finding employment in a UK snowsports centre.
  • Successful students will be awarded the Level 1 qualification after completing all other Level 1 module. 
  •  Level 1 qualified instructors may work within a controlled environment in a UK snowsports centre or in a mountain environment within a recognised snowsports school, under the direct supervision of a BASI L2 qualified instructor (equivalent or higher).


Level 2: 

 This is a 10-day on-mountain training and assessment course in which Technical and Teaching skills are developed and assessed. The following subjects are included:  

  • Central Theme, Piste Performance, Bumps, Steeps, Variable snow and Freestyle
  • Technical understanding of the Central Theme and beyond 
  • Performance analysis of the Central Theme and beyond 
  • Communication skills 
  • Developing performance
  • Match teaching to customer needs
  • Teaching principles
  • TIED and the use of teaching tools
  • Lesson flow and content
  • Climate setting
  • Reviewing skills



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Lift Passes

You will also have to pay for your access to the ski slopes. A season pass for Verbier, on average, is £1000

The annual pass gives you unlimited access to the largest ski area entirely situated in Switzerland. Make the best of the 410 km of slopes that link Verbier, Nendaz, Veysonnaz and Thyon. Admire the breathtaking panoramic view over the most spectacular peaks in the Alps.



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It’s starting to look a bit steep (Pardon the pun), and I haven’t even included extra necessities such as food and leisure activities.



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All in

All in, you are looking at an eye watering £24,977.50. Proceed to checkout?

Hold on a minute.

What if I was to tell you that the Winter Sports Company offer all of this for £8900. They even include food and lots more!


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