So, you’ve just got back from your ski season. The sun is shining, the grass is green, and you’re looking forward to Summer. You’re happy to be back with friends and enjoying home, but there’s a little voice in your head that won’t disappear. I want to get back to the MOUNTAINS! Maybe when you started your ski instructor course, you weren’t sure if it was a career choice or just a bit of fun, but now you know, and it’s a big loud YES. So, where do you start, and how do you get that first ski instructor job?

Get Back Out There

Depending on the season, you can always find work around the World. If you’ve just finished the Northern Hemisphere season, look to Australia and New Zealand. Have you got language skills? Then also consider South America. Although not as famous as New Zealand for mountains, Australia still has some significant ski resorts. New Zealand at the main resorts is highly competitive for work, especially for a newly qualified instructor. So look to the more rural resorts, and you’ll probably have more success. You can also go down the internship route to the next level. This will get you a position at one of the major resorts, which otherwise might not be possible. We have a few options for Level 3 internships in Queenstown, New Zealand, with a guaranteed ski instructor job.

Go Local

You don’t have to jump straight on a plane, though. Instead, why not contact your nearest dry ski slope and indoor snow dome. Offer to volunteer if there are no current positions available. Sure, it’s not a mountain, but it’s still instructing. And when applying for jobs in the future, it provides serious weight to your CV. The more real-life instructing you can get now, the more chance you’ll have of securing that perfect job next season.

Get that CV and Covering Letter polished up

While everything feels fresh, get it written up. Your CV doesn’t need to be long; just put down all your recent qualifications and a brief description of any relevant training or shadow teaching. It’s good to also have a covering letter for your CV, which explains why you want to be a ski instructor and be an asset to the school you’re applying to.

Ski Instructor job CV help


Branch Out

Get more experience teaching kids, as this is the main group you’ll be teaching. It makes a massive difference to any future employer if you can show relevant experience. Go volunteer at a kids club or help coach the local sports team. If you haven’t taught kids before, this is the perfect time to find out if you like it. But, again, it’s all going to look good on your CV. And as much as a ski school director is looking for a great ski instructor, they’re also looking for people who are good with children.

Where To Look?

First off, contact the provider who you initially did your ski instructor course with. They’ll have loads of contacts and will primarily help their past clients. Here at the Winter Sports Company, we will always prioritise our clients for finding work, and we have a vast network to put you in touch with. Next, keep checking the job postings found on most of the governing bodies web sites. The CSIA, NZSIA and BASI all advertise jobs, and we also keep a jobs board, which we update before the start of each season.

And one last thing…. Visa

Before applying for your ski instructor job, don’t forget your VISA!! You can find out lots of info on our dedicated Visa Page